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MEXbay Platform

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◉ BUY & SELL Online Goods with MEX
◉ Multiple orders paid in one transaction
◉ Transactions Secured in ESCROW
◉ Multi-Vendor MarketPlace & P2P 
◉ DropShipping Module
◉ Drag & Drop your products 
◉ Business Profile
◉ Mobile App

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<< DeFi for the next billion >>

MEX ESCROW Elrond (.jpg

Elrond eCommerce Nucleus  #BUIDL

The need to have a Buy&Sell platform for any type of goods & services using  MEX, EGLD & USDC and other Maiar Exchange Listed Tokens  is imperative for Elrond Community . MEXbay will  be a professional solution to this necessity to withstand the test of time and to be a major key element for online commerce in the Elrond Network .

The platform will be like any other well-known online platform out-there; due to the fact that is using crypto currency an Escrow service will be available as a payment method just to secure the transactions between Sellers and Buyers.

With an escrow payment, the Seller will  receive the funds only when the Buyer has received and accepted the products and/or services that are part of the transaction. However, the Seller knows they will receive the payment because Escrow will make sure to hold the funds on their behalf .

When the Elrond Team Goal Succeeds  << DeFi for the next Billion >> just try to imagine MEXbay with  millions of users !

MEXbay Elrond Ecommerce Platform Escrow MEX.png
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MEXbay Platfrom Elrond Escrow MEX s.jpg

Project Presentation

MEXbay Platform  Promo Video 

◉  Drag your products from your allready existing website to our platform 

◉  Automatic Price conversion to MEX ( USD $ converter ) 

◉  No need for extra team Members or divisions to expand your business

◉  Mobile App with Admin Pannel . Area & User rankings restrictions

◉  Sell your products & Services world wide Secured in Escrow 

◉  Hybrid Escrow System

Expand your business to crypto with MEXbay on #ElrondNetwork Join our Special program for Companies & Brands


Transactions & Delivery Secured in our Escrow Service by Defisso


Users can limit visibility of a product for various Countries/Continents


Users can limit visibility of their Listings for users with low rankings


Elrond Network made it easy to do Legal  Business in  Crypto Zone


Global shipping fee calculator 

VR Goggles


Are you a visionary retail company or an allready existing Brand ?! Want to expand your field of sales ? Join our project and let's sale your products to Elrond Network ! Go crypto, Go De-Fi !

JOIN our Program

For the first 33 Companies that will join our program we will offer:  Business Profile + Custom integrations to  sell online goods to Elrond Network #MEXbay 


Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Custom BUSINESS Profile

1 year program :

3 months FREE  // 3 mts 75% // 3mts 50% // 3 mts 25%

Special Assistance + Private Consulting 

Custom integrations + FREE ADS


Special Assistance

Chat & Green Number 24/7 

Ultra Targeted ADS

Maximize your Ads efficiency with Ultra Targeted Ads ( Geo location, User Ranking/ Order Lists ) Rank First

Keyword SEO

Multiple Keyword index / internal SEO

Advanced Analytics

Know your customers and visitors

Premium App+

Improve your sales with MXB App+

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