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What is is a  Business Project presentation for Elrond Community #StartUp #Elrond #MultiToken #Platform

Mexbay wants to be a Community Guided Business with 100% Profit split among Founding Members ( NFT Holders )


The main Goal is to Raise Funds for this project : Platform development, App and Office + personnel to fulfill this project at the highest possible standards of Security and functionality . It's a BUY-in Project so your FOUNDER NFT gives you access to Founders Forum , Ambassador roles and not least your shares % from all MEXbay profits ! 

The secondary Goal is to increase the utility of  listed tokens on Maiar Exchange and to connect it to the material world of things and goods . This project will also support the Elrond Team goals to give maximum value to the  MEX token , increasing adoption, community interactions and public awareness. MEXbay platform will have smaller Fees for MEX Transactions .

Primary coins on MEXbay : MEX + EGLD + USDC 

MEXbay wants to be a professional platform to withstand the test of time  and to be a major key for online commerce @ElrondNetwork 

The platform will be like any other well-known online platform out-there ; due to the fact that is using crypto currency an Escrow service will be available as a payment method just to secure the transactions between Sellers and Buyers.

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How  Escrow works

MEXbay ESCROW Elrond Network.jpg

With an escrow payment, the Seller will  receive the funds only when the Buyer has received and accepted the products and/or services that are part of the transaction. However, the Seller knows they will receive the payment because Escrow will make sure to hold the funds on their behalf .

( watch video )

MEX token Elrond_edited.png
crypto escrow_edited.png

MEXbay DAO Project

MEXbay is an ambitious project supported by a known business model that is already used in the online environment on a daily basis .The need to have a Buy&Sell platform in the Elrond community for any type of goods is imperative. MEXbay will  be a solution to this and thereby increase the number of Maiar wallets and the adoption of  the Maiar DEX tokens  .

Both the mobile app and the Escrow Service will facilitate exchanges between users in a Safe and Secure way.

MEXbay is a decentralized project that supports the Elrond Team goals and especially the MEX token, being one of the most encouraged token on this platform. For Safety reasons an Escrow Service will be added as an optional Check-out .

The MEXbay team will consist of Founding Members (NFT holders) and specialized staff. Future options will be available for DAO voting and Special access to Services, Offers and Contracts . All contracts and changes will be pitched and voted .

All "FOUNDERS" will also get access to the MEXbay Private Forum App ; only Staff members & Founders

 2 NFT collections will be  available . First collection is for  Founding Members and the  2nd NFT collection will be available for minting on XOXNO with various discounts at MEXbay services , Escrow services or both  ( Premium Membership )

Financial Goals :  3 billion LKMex + 3300 EGLD to fulfill this project in a minimal professional way for our community. 

All necessary funds for the project will go to the MEXbay DEV wallet . Budget source : 2 X NFT Collections { MXB }

MEXbay is a community guided business and should become a nucleus for e-commerce in Elrond Network .

The platform will be Launched only with MEX payments and then EGLD + USDC will be added;  in F9 + other tokens .

When the Elrond Team Goal Succeeds  << DeFi for the next Billion >> just try to imagine MEXbay with  millions of users !


MEXbay Site & App demo

EGLD Elrond.png
BHAT Elrond.png

Get involved in this Project and let's shape our community !


Invest Now and Get rewarded with shares % from profit . MEXbay DAO Project

MEXbay Eclusive 1-21.jpg



C.E.O.  253 EGLD

V.P.  638 EGLD

Exclusive 21 x Staff Only

COUNCIL  GOLD 0,36% 10 items

COUNCIL  SILVER  0,33% 26 items

DIRECTOR  GOLD 1,2%   6 items

DIRECTOR  SILVER  1,1%   9 items

C.E.O.  GOLD 3,3%  3 items

C.E.O.  SILVER  3%  3 items

V.P.  GOLD 12,1%  1 item

EXCLUSIVE 0,18% 21 items staff only

V.P. SILVER  9,9%   1 item

COUNCIL  BRONZE  0,3% 20 items

Prices will increase in 6 stages : Stage 1: Launching Price // Stage 2 : +12% // stage 3:  +15% 

FOUNDERS MXB101 NFT Distribution

Prices are increased for GOLD edition ; also the revenue share is increased so first to invest in this Project will have the chance to get the GOLD for a bigger share from MEXbay & Escrow profits . Paid yearly in March ! 100% distributed

FOUNDERS MXB 101 items , only 77 available for adoption !

All funds are going to MEXbay DEV wallet for Platform Development & App , Marketing , Staff & facilities  { Chat & Voting on  Private Forum MXB101 }

 MXB101 Royalties : 6,5% MEXbay DEV Wallet

100 %  Distributed Profits for FOUNDERS MXB101

MEXbay-Founders-NFt -distribution.jpg

Staking Module for MXB101 - yearly Harvest  

You  can also apply for an EXCLUSIVE NFT if you believe  that you are a key member for MEXbay Project ( IT, Legal, Marketing )

MEXbay Founders NFTs.jpg

Premium Membership NFT Collection

MEXbay NFT Premium Membership collection.jpg

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Mintable Collection ( Discounts Coupons ) 9999 NFTs


FAN 5% discount on MEXbay Listings and Services ( NO Escrow ) Total NFT Number : 4500

VIP 10% discount on MEXbay Listings and Services ( NO Escrow ) Total NFT Number : 2270

MEX Symbol ( BRONZE 15% , SILVER 20% , GOLD 25% ) discounts on MEXbay Listings and Services ( NO Escrow )

Total NFT Number : Bronze 1000, Silver 500, Gold 250 

Escrow Symbol ( BRONZE 10% , SILVER 20 %, GOLD 30% ) discount only at ESCROW Services 

Total NFT Number : Bronze 777, Silver 333, Gold 150 

MEXbay LOGO ( ELITE 15% , BUSINESS 22% , EXECUTIVE 33% ) MEXbay & Escrow discount ( Premium )

Total NFT  Number : Elite 99, Business 66, Executive 33

DIAMOND 44% MEXbay & Escrow discounts ( Ultra Premium ) Total NFT Number : 21

Premium Membership Collection will be available for minting on XOXNO Market . Mint your discount with LKMex !

Price increasing in 5 stages . Collection available for 21 weeks . If the Collection is not sell-out in 21 weeks it will be stopped at that specific number of minted NFTs . Max 9999 available items ! Minting starts on 1st of July 2022 18:00


week 1  : 233.000 LKMex

week 2-3 : 266.000 LKMex

weeks 4-7 : 299.000 LKMex

weeks 8-12 : 332.000 LKMex

weeks 13-21:  365.000 LKMex

Week 22 Stop Minting  max discounts available: 9999

All Discounts from The Premium Membership NFT Colection will aplly for

LifeTime on MEXbay so it's a good investment to mint a NFT right Now !

Minting starts on July 1st 2022 at 18:01 on XOXNO

Discounts-Mexbay_NFT-Distribution_Elrond_MEX (1).jpg
MEXbay NFT Gif.gif

Collection will Restart 1st of March 2023 . EGLD Minting Price will be established for the Average Price Market on  XOXNO

Access on MEXbay platform - wallet connect  ( NFT Reader ) 

Atention ! NFTs percentages % do NOT accumulate , only the highest will be accounted  at checkout 

COMBO:   Mexbay Discount ( MEX symbol ) + Escrow Discount (yellow  "e" symbol) can work together as a combo

Special : Elite, Business, Executive and Diamond will override other NFTs from the same wallet . This type of NFTs are considered Ultra-Premium with discounts at every offered service on MEXbay platform + Business Profile ADS

Both, the Buyer & Seller, will benefit from discounts if they both hold MXB9999 NFTs

Discounts from NFTs will be active only when the NFT is staked to the MEXbay account  


MXB9999 Royalties : 6,5% ( MEXbay DEV Wallet )

Note: for each account on MEXbay you will be able to atach max 2 NFTs or 1 Combo NFT; once atached to your MEXbay profile you cannot unbond the NFTs ( LifeTime % Discount ) Negative Ranking would lead to cancelation of your atached NFTs


VIP & FAN 10 yrs  /   Bronze 8 yrs   //   Silver 5yrs   ///   Gold 3 yrs 

ELITE 5 yrs   //   BUSINESS 5 yrs    /// EXECUTIVE  5 yrs  //// DIAMOND 6 yrs

Discounts & Timer starts when  NFT it's atached to  your profile . All NFTs will be send to a DEAD Wallet ( never to be recovered) and the discount will be added to your profile as a badge . Maximum 2 slots available for each profile . NFTs from assigned slots cand be changed/override but the old one won't be recovered. Also Bad Ranking or Red Disputes would cancel your discounts . 

MEXbay Elrond NFTs Premium Discount.jpg

App Development      FORUM

At this stage of development a PRIVATE Forum App is available only for staff members and "FOUNDERS" 

Topics on Forum: General Discusions, Skills & Goals , Chat, Vote, Q&A, Tasks, Apply for Exclusive NFT

All major decisions will be available on Forum for All Members 


TEAM & collaborators

MEXbay Team (2).jpg

The MEXbay Team will be created in 3 stages:

Stage 1: NFT owners ( FOUNDERS ) 1. If by any chance some of the first investors are also skillful persons in fields of activity that they are useful for the development of this project they can aplly for an EXCLUSIVE NFT ( staff only ) 0,18%

All FOUNDERS NFT holders will get Access to the Team Forum App ( Private )

Stage 2 :   Recruting personnel from people that show their intentions and have the skills to join the MEXbay Team 

Stage 3: External Collaborators ( Specialized ) all contracts will be  pitched & Voted by  FOUNDERS #DAO

Choosing this methods should not be an extra-pressure for the Team members if they are also Founders/investors in this Project

Once the MEXbay Team is completed things should improve considerably and the project evolution should speed up.

We are also  Hiring  ! Reach out to us with your skills and intentions and we will get back to you asap .

MEX token Elrond_edited.png
crypto escrow_edited.png

LinkedIn:  Ovidiu <> Marius <> Sorina <> Toma


MEXbay Platform for Listings and Classifieds includes all goods and services that you can buy & sell online . MEXbay , obviously, will use only Maiar Exchange Listed Tokens as payment and here is where the Escrow will bring Safety and Trust but also Revenues .

MEX will be our Special token having smaller fees at Escrow service if choosen to finish a transaction on MEXbay . Primary on MEXbay will be : MEX + EGLD + USDC and starting with F9 other tokens will be available for payments as well (Maiar Exchange Listed Tokens )

Mexbay will provide a free listing per month for any category on the platform( except for Luxury products  )  to add other Listings the user will be charged . Boost  Listings on the front page, ADS and Business Profiles will also be a part of our business model .

 Humanitarian & Causes announcements will always be free of charge on Mexbay MarketPlace.

Escrow will be available as an optional payment method . We only recommend using transactions without the Escrow assistance only if you know/trust the seller or you can meet face-to-face to verify the product .

Escrow commissions : 3,6% up to 5 EGLD  // 3,5 % 10 EGLD  // 3,4% 20EGLD // 3,3% 30 EGLD // 3,2 % 40 EGLD// 3,1 % 50 EGLD // 3% +100 EGLD value per transaction . All Escrow Discounts  NFTs will apply LifeTime on MEXbay 

MEXbay and Escrow ( Defisso) are 2 combined entities to create this powerful tool for Elrond Network that deliver Safe and Secure crypto transaction between the Buyer and the Seller. The MEXbay Logo is also a symbiosis between these 2 entities ( MEX+"e" Escrow ) .  The final Branding materials will be voted on our Private Forum MXB101 ( FOUNDERS only ) #DAO #Project #Elrond


Business Profile on MEXbay

Chat Assistance / Profile Customization / Green Number Call Center

Ultra targeted ADS ( Geo location/ User Ranking / Orders List )

Advanced Analytics / Multiple Keyword index

Premium App+

Business Profile Subscription to be paid with Cryptocurrencies or FIAT Currency 

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